Fusible C-905® Pipe Used for Trenchless Segments of New Water Transmission Line in Corinne, UT

To accommodate current and projected growth, the City of Corinne, UT recently undertook a project to increase its water capacity. Construction of a new water tank on the east side of the valley required a new pipeline to be built westward to Corinne, traversing under the Brigham City Municipal Airport, Interstate I-15, and the Bear River.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
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  • Owner:
  • Engineer:
  • General Contractor:
  • HDD Contractor:
  • Length:
  • Installation:
  • UGSI Contact:
  • Culinary Water Transmission and Tank Project
  • Corinne, UT
  • J-U-B Engineers, Inc. (Kaysville, UT office)
  • Ormond Construction, Inc., Willard, UT
  • HDD/Willco, Inc., West Jordan, UT
  • 935 LF 20" and 930 LF 16" DR25 Fusible C-905®
  • Slipline (2) pulls and HDD (1) pull
  • Patrick Laidlaw, P.E. (801) 699-2804 plaidlaw@undergroundsolutions.com

As a result of previous successful crossings under I-15 and the Bear River using Fusible PVC® pipe in neighboring Brigham City, J-U-B specified Fusible PVC® pipe for several critical sections of the new water line where HDD and sliplining were required. Fusible PVC® pipe was specified in the following reasons:

The 930 LF 16" DR25 slipline section underneath the airport took only three hours to install. Operators used backhoes with canvas straps to stroke the pipe in. The HDD section under the river took only a few hours to pull in, with a pull force below 25,000 lbs.

Greg Seegmiller, J-U-B Project Manager, remarked: "Crossing the river could have been a very messy project. Fusible C-905® pipe made it clean and easy for both permitting and construction."

Dave Ormond, Ormond Construction, stated: "Installation of the Fusible PVC® pipe went without a hitch. UGSI treated us professionally and took great interest in the successful outcome of our project. We look forward to using Underground Solutions again."

16" Slipline under Brigham City Municipal Airport

12" Pipe Removed from Existing Casing and Upsized with 16" Fusible C-905® Pipe

Exit Side of 16" Slipline in 20" Steel Pipe

20" Ready For Pull-In Under I-15

Entry Side of 20" Bear River Drill

Exit Side of 20" Bear River Drill