Lift Station and Force Main Replacement with Fusible PVC® Pipe in Columbus, Indiana

Just 45 miles south of Indianapolis, the City of Columbus, Indiana has succeeded in creating a separate identity for itself. Nearly 19,000 commuters now flood the city of 44,000 residents on a daily basis, compelling city officials to explore ways to revitalize the 200-year-old city, such as beautification innovations, tax incentives for business, increased law enforcement, and much needed infrastructure improvements. Columbus City Utilities manages over 200 miles of wastewater pipelines, many of which are over 40 years old and beginning to deteriorate. Notably, the lift station in the Walesboro Industrial Park began to experience problems with hydraulic capacity and was unable to handle current peak wastewater flow demands. Exacerbating the problem, peak wastewater flows are expected to increase with the continued development of the Industrial Park. Sanitary sewers in the area also experienced several incidents involving infiltration related problems and backups. To resolve these concerns, Columbus City Utilities decided the Walesboro Lift Station and force main needed to be replaced.

The project included new construction on the Lift Station and force main, as well as existing sanitary sewer rehabilitation. Columbus City Utilities hired GRW Engineers, Inc. to head the design work and act as the Utility's engineering consultant throughout construction. To meet the Utility's demand flows, the new Walesboro submersible triplex pump lift station was designed with a firm capacity to pump 4.18 million gallons per day (MGD). Approximately 9,200 LF of new 16-inch force main would connect the new Walesboro Lift Station facilities to the existing Southside Lift Station. Included in the design of the new force main were directional drills for the portion of the project crossing Denios Creek, Opossum Creek, and other sensitive public areas. As he considered specifying Fusible PVC® pipe for these sections, Darren Wells of GRW explained, "GRW used Fusible PVC® pipe on a similar sized force main project in Aurora, Indiana with good success and felt Fusible PVC® pipe would be a logical and cost-effective pipe choice for this project as well."

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Walesboro Lift Station and Force Main Replacement
Location: Columbus, IN
Length: 2,120 LF
Pipe Size: 16" DR21 FPVC®
Pressure Test: 200 psi
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill
Owner: Columbus City Utilities
Engineer: GRW Engineers, Inc.
Contractor: Bowen Engineering
UGSI Contact: Chris Smith (317) 313 -9116

Bowen Engineering was the low bidding contractor and selected Fusible PVC® pipe for use on the directional drill sections over HDPE pipe. Alan Dale, project manager for Bowen Engineering, commented: "Fusible PVC® pipe was the obvious choice for this project. The biggest benefit on this project for utilizing Fusible PVC® pipe was the ability to utilize standard ductile iron fittings for transition joints. This increased productivity in the ditch and reduced material cost for each transition. Overall, this is a very good product. HDPE was also an option, but would have had to be upsized to 20-inch to match the ID of the 16-inch Fusible PVC® pipe. With its size advantage and surprising flexibility and strength, I can see why Fusible PVC® pipe is being used on more projects." Bowen project engineer Tyler Shaw added, "I was very impressed with the fuse time for the Fusible PVC® pipe. It seemed as if it took half the time to complete this portion of the project compared to HDPE."

Pipe fusion 40 feet at a time

Pipe fusion without traffic disruption

Fusible PVC® pipe entering pull-in trench

Fusible PVC® pipe pull-in into HDD