® waterline to connect to the south side portion of the system using HDD and slipline" />

Fusible PVC® Pipe Sets Precedent with I-70 Bore for Boone County PWD #9 in Columbia, MO

When the Boone County Public Water Supply District #9 in Columbia, MO learned about Fusible PVC® pipe, it saw an opportunity to use Fusible PVC® pipe's advantages for its benefit. For the Exline Well project, the District had to cross under I-70 with a 16" waterline to connect to the south side portion of the system. Using Fusible PVC® pipe for both the casing and the carrier pipe allowed the District to bring the elevation of the waterline up to an easily accessible depth on the south side of the outer road. Alternative installation methods would have left the pipeline 30 feet below the surface, significantly increasing the cost of access. The District's progressive plan was implemented over the summer of 2011, after MoDOT approved PVC for the 20" casing and 16" carrier pipe under I-70.

The casing was fused in a field on the north side of I-70; then installed by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) under the interstate. The carrier pipe was fused in the same location; then pulled inside the casing pipe. Since Fusible PVC® pipe was used for both the casing and the carrier pipe, a smaller casing diameter could be used. The smaller casing allowed for a smaller bore hole, further reducing costs of installation.

Once the installation was complete, tie-ins were made from the Fusible PVC® carrier pipe to the connecting bell-and-spigot PVC pipe using standard DI fittings. The system awaits completion of the line on the north side of the interstate before going into service.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Owner: Boone County PWD #9 in Columbia, MO
Project: I-70 Exline Well
Location: Columbia, MO
Pipe: 350 LF of 16" carrier and 20" casing Fusible C-905®
Installation: HDD and Slipline
Contractor: Sellenriek Construction
UGSI Contact: David Reuter (816) 518-5162 dreuter@undergroundsolutions.com

Roger Ballew, District Manager of Boone Co. PWSD #9, said, "Fusible PVC® pipe allowed us to be progressive with a key installation needed for our project. The method of installation and the products we used made the most sense for the I-70 crossing and will provide us with significantly easier access to the waterline when needed."

Steve Sellenriek, Sellenriek Construction, has installed Fusible PVC® pipe as casing and carrier pipe on other projects. "Fusible PVC® can bring advantages in various HDD projects, and this project is definitely one where it does," he observed.

Boone County PWSD #9 was established in 1965 by a group of citizens. Their goal was to organize and establish a public water supply system to serve rural areas on the eastern side of Columbia, outside city limits. The District continues to be progressive to this day. The distribution system covers about 240 miles of waterline, feeding off a series of wells owned by the District. Currently, the District serves about 4,700 customers using four deep wells to provide water to its customers.