Clay County, Florida Pipe Bursting Rehabilitation Project

Clay County Utility Authority (CCUA), located in northeast Florida, provides water, reclaimed water, and wastewater services to County residents in a manner that is technically prudent and respectful of CCUA's financial responsibilities. In pursuit of this goal, CCUA has recognized the performance and economic value associated with the use of Fusible PVC® pipe technology in many of its pipeline projects over the last decade. Since 2004, CCUA has installed over 67,000 LF of Fusible PVC® pipe throughout the County in dozens of trenchless projects. Pipe sizes ranging from 4-inch to 20-inch have been installed via horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and jack-and-bore in applications including potable water distribution, wastewater collection, and reclaim water distribution.

The latest trenchless installation method employed by CCUA is pipe bursting of existing infrastructure to provide better flow and reliability. An existing irrigation main installed in the 1970's had been used to convey reuse water, but higher operating pressures combined with wear from minimal cover necessitated rehabilitation. The choice to pipe burst was dictated by the line's location between buildings and along a deep drainage canal that would have made traditional open-trench installation difficult. The choice to use Fusible PVC® pipe was made by the project engineer, Alex Ainza, because Fusible PVC® pipe provided the required strength for the shallow cover, allowed for higher operating pressures, and offered better serviceability by the CCUA staff as compared to alternative pipe materials.

The project consisted of 7,200 LF of 12-inch DR 18 Fusible PVC® pipe installed with a minimum of eight pulls crossing two parking lots, one road, and the pavement between several large buildings. TB Landmark Construction was awarded the project and used a Hammerhead® Hydroburst 125 to complete several pulls of 1,000 LF each. Site Superintendent, Orlando Torres, handled the installation and his crew self-performed the pipe fusion. Rick Johns, project manager, stated that there were no issues with the bursting operations and, despite the shallow cover, the sections under pavement showed little or no upheaval that would require repairs. This was TB Landmark's first large-diameter water main pipe burst, and they are looking for similar projects using Fusible PVC® pipe per owner Robin Thigpen.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Location: Clay County, FL
Project Name: Spencer Road Reuse Improvements
Pull Length: 7,200 LF
Installation: Pipe Bursting with 12-inch DR-18 Fusible PVC®
Pressure Test: 160 psi for two hours per section
Contractor: TB Landmark Construction, Jacksonville FL
Owner/Engineer: Clay County Utility Authority

TB Landmark Fusion Crew

Operating Bursting Equipment

Typical Equipment Layout for Hammerhead® Unit

Pipe Layout for Pull-Back

Pull-head Retrieved and Ready for Next Section