< City of Fort Wayne Utilities Selects Fusible PVC® Pipe for Water Main Replacement Project

City of Fort Wayne Utilities Selects Fusible PVC® Pipe for Water Main Replacement Project

The City of Fort Wayne, Indiana is answering a question that thousands of cities across America will have to answer at some point: How does a city continue to deliver the quality water service citizens expect and maintain its infrastructure without breaking the bank? Simply stated, water distribution systems are deteriorating at a pace far faster than most citizens realize. Reducing costly and disruptive water main breaks requires a proactive program of water main rehabilitation and replacement.

According to the City of Fort Wayne Utilities, industry standards suggest it should be replacing approximately 12 miles of water main each year to keep pace with maintaining its aging infrastructure. Based on water main break history, the types of breaks, and the age of each pipe material in the system, the City has developed a plan to prioritize and replace the mains that are most likely to break. Over time, this will reduce the amount of reactive and costly emergency repairs that must be performed each year.

One of the recent replacement projects was the 2013 Water Main Replacement Package 3. This project was installed by Rothenberger Company. James Rothenberger, owner, selected Fusible PVC® pipe and contracted with Michigan Pipe & Valve (MP&V) to fuse all of the 6-inch DR18 Fusible PVC® pipe used on the project.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Water Main Replacement Package 3
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Length: 10,600 LF
Pipe Size: 6-inch DR18 Fusible C-900®
Pressure Test: 150 psi
Installation: HDD
Owner: City of Fort Wayne Utilities
Contractor: Rothenberger Company, Inc.
Pipe Fusion: Michigan Pipe & Valve

Chad Caldwell and John Crank of MP&V obtained fusion training from UGSI and subsequently fused many Fusible PVC® pipe projects for MP&V’s customers, including on this project. Rothenberger and Caldwell selected a centrally located city park to fuse the HDD pipe strings required to complete the project.

Rothenberger’s crew drilled a section of the neighborhood and then pulled pipe to the entrance pit for pull-in.

Rothenberger commented, “The Fusible PVC® pipe performed well for us. PVC pipe is harder than HDPE pipe, so dragging it into place only caused minor surface scrapes.” He went on to add, “What helped make this project move quickly was that Fusible PVC® pipe can be easily connected with MJ fittings.”

6-inch Pull-In

Fusion and Layout

Cold Weather Fusion