City of Albuquerque, NM Utilizes Fusible C-905® Pipe to Slipline Potable Water Lines

In late 2008, Underground Solutions, Inc. (UGSI) contracted with TLC Plumbing & Utility of Albuquerque, NM to provide Fusible C-905® pipe and fusion services on a water line rehabilitation project for the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority. Fusible C-905® pipe was used to slipline deteriorating steel potable water lines in a historic area of Albuquerque.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
  • Project:
  • Location:
  • Pipe:
  • Installation:
  • Pressure Test:
  • UGSI Contact:
  • Copper-Arno Street Water Line Rehabilitation
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • 1,760 LF 16" & 2,200 LF 14" DR18 Fusible C-905®
  • Sliplining, 5 pulls: 1,160', 920', 880', 600', and 400'
  • 2 hours at 150psi
  • Steve Austin (303) 563-9467 (

Fusible C-905® pipe was designed into the slipline project by Boyle Engineering (now AECOM) because it provided the combined benefits of a structurally independent solution with high flow area. By using Fusible C-905® pipe for sliplining, the City was able to maintain material continuity with its other PVC water mains. The high tensile strength of Fusible C-905® pipe also allowed for long pull-in lengths (where possible), reducing the number of entry and pull pits. By employing trenchless construction methods to rehabilitate the existing water lines, the City reduced surface street disruption and limited congestion in a crowded utility corridor. The project was completed in February 2009.

Mike Tenorio, Project Representative for Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority, stated: "The job was very smooth, primarily because the preparation work done by the contractor was excellent and the pipe was very durable. UGSI fusion technicians worked well with TLC and the testing went off without a hitch. We really like the fact that all fittings are interchangeable with everything else in our system."

Burr Dickinson with TLC Plumbing & Utility commented: "The project went very well. As on-call contractor with the Authority for emergency projects, we already have recommended and used Fusible PVC™ pipe on another project in town. We also recently purchased pipe bursting equipment and look forward to our first Fusible PVC® pipe burst project, possibly with the Authority."