La Costa Golf Resort Scores a “Hole-in-One” with Fusible PVC® Pipe

Located in northern San Diego County, the Leucadia Wastewater District services the neighboring Omni La Costa Resort golf course with recycled water delivered to the primary course pond. The main transmission pipeline was installed decades ago using asbestos cement pipe. A portion of the pipeline that crosses under a tidal creek eventually became exposed during an excessively strong wet-weather season. As a result, the reclaim water line was slated for replacement to avoid potential environmental damage.

With the dual constraints of a short construction window during course over-seeding and a desire to limit turf damage on the 18th fairway, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) was selected as the preferred installation method. Fusible PVC® pipe was selected to provide a leak-free replacement pipe while providing the most cost effective outside diameter for HDD installation.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Recycled Water Pipeline Repair
Location: Carlsbad, CA
Pipe: 370 LF of 12-inch DR14
Installation: HDD
Pull Length: Leucadia Wastewater District
Engineer: Infrastructure Engineering Corporation
Contractor: Burtech Pipeline, Inc.
Project Manager: Scott Seitrich
Driller: Long’s Directional Boring

Drilling operations were conducted from within a grounds-keeping compound, limiting work in the course’s play area to pipe fusion and final connection of the installed pipe. The Fusible PVC® pipe was fused in a single workday. The drill and pullback operations were also conducted in a single day allowing the project to come in ahead of schedule.

Burtech Pipeline, Inc. of Encinitas completed the project on time and within budget, delivering the golf course area back to the operators more quickly than anticipated. Dominic Burtech stated: “Fusible PVC® pipe was the perfect choice for this project. The fusion tech was great and we were able to use standard fittings for the tie-ins. Our borehole size requirement was smaller than if we had used HDPE pipe. Burtech Pipeline was pleased to have Underground Solutions on our team to help complete the project ahead of schedule. This project was truly a “Hole-In-One!”

Fusible PVC® pipe continues to help expand the way in which pipelines are designed and installed, providing a superior installed product at a lower cost. Underground Solutions’ extensive engineering and construction experience provides unique support capabilities to utilities, consulting engineering firms, and contractors.

Fusible PVC® Pipe Ready for Pullback

Drill Rig Located in Maintenance Area

It’s in the Hole!