Cape Canaveral Utilizes Fusible PVC® Pipe to Maintain Water & Wastewater Systems

Formerly known as Cape Kennedy from 1963 to 1973, Cape Canaveral, Florida lies just east of Merritt Island, separated by the Banana River. Cape Canaveral is part of the Space Coast, which is also home to the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island. “The Cape” was first used as a missile test site beginning in 1949. Since that time, it has hosted a myriad of rocket and space launches including the Saturn Moon Rocket program and the Space Shuttle program.

Cape Canaveral’s location was specifically chosen to take advantage of the Earth's rotation. The linear velocity of the Earth's surface is greatest towards the equator, which allows rockets to take advantage of the location by launching eastward in the same direction as the Earth's rotation. It is also highly desirable to have the downrange area sparsely populated.

Cape Canaveral Fusible PVC® Pipe Project Summary
Project: Cape Canaveral Water Main Realignment
Length: 3,000 LF
Pipe Size: 16-inch DR18
HDD Contractor: Trenchless Specialties, Orlando, Florida
Project: Cape Canaveral 16-inch Water Main
Length: 1,600 LF
Pipe Size: 16-inch DR14
HDD Contractor: TB Landmark, Jacksonville, Florida

With much of Cape Canaveral’s infrastructure built in the early 1950’s and located in a corrosive coastal environment, many sections of the water and wastewater systems are in need of repair and rehabilitation. Fusible PVC® pipe has been selected for a number of on-site infrastructure projects in the past several years, specifically because it provides a fully restrained, gasket-less pipe system which can be installed via trenchless methods. It also offers superior corrosion resistance for the coastal environment. In addition to Cape Canaveral, Fusible PVC® pipe has been installed at over 40 other U.S. federal sites and military bases.