< Brunswick County, North Carolina Finds Many Reasons to Utilize Fusible PVC® Pipe in Water and Wastewater Projects

Brunswick County, North Carolina Finds Many Reasons to Utilize Fusible PVC® Pipe in Water and Wastewater Projects

Brunswick County is the southeastern most county in North Carolina, and is both a suburban community for Wilmington and a vacation destination for families and golfers. Rapid growth in the 1990’s and early 2000’s stretched the utility network to the limit, necessitating extensions to handle new customers and reinforcements to ensure reliability of service. Numerous south facing barrier islands create the ideal environment for sun and recreation, but also provide natural obstacles to the infrastructure challenges of treating and delivering water. Brunswick County is still working to meet these challenges today.

Over the last several years, Fusible PVC® pipe has become an important element of Brunswick County’s infrastructure toolbox. Prior to approval of Fusible PVC® pipe by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), the need to convey wastewater a distance of 4,200 feet from Sunset Beach to the mainland prompted Brunswick County to entertain using Fusible PVC® pipe - due to strength limitations of HDPE pipe. As John Nichols, Assistant Utility Director, commented: “Brunswick County initially sought to use Fusible PVC® pipe on extended length horizontal directional drills where other trenchless pipe materials could not be used due to excessive weight and elasticity concerns. Now, with the approval of Fusible PVC® pipe by NCDOT, the County has included the product in its standard specifications along with other trenchless pipe products.”

Nichols continued: “Fusible PVC® pipe gives Brunswick County more design options and has improved bid prices by providing additional competition. It is often the pipe of choice in extended length drills, short drills where fitting connections are simplified, and in areas where future taps may be required – because taps can be made with standard equipment. Since its approval in 2009 by the NCDOT, Brunswick County has installed Fusible PVC® pipe in numerous locations throughout the county in both water and sewer applications. We are satisfied that Underground Solutions’ products will serve the county for decades to come.”

Three Intracoastal Waterway Crossings in Brunswick County.

Left to Right:

10-inch Wastewater Force Main from Sunset Beach with multiple intermediate fusions during pullback

12-inch Water Main from Oak Island with compound curve near exit point on the island

12-inch Water Main from Sunset Beach with entire 4,200 LF of pipe fused prior to pullback