Case Study:City of Bradenton

City of Bradenton Uses Fusible PVC®; Pipe Extensively on Ten Mile, 20-Inch Reclaim Pipeline

Florida’s explosive population growth has created major water supply challenges across the state. Beneficial reuse of municipal wastewater effluent for irrigation of public and private lands is one tool increasingly promoted by Florida’s water management districts to reduce demand on ground water sources. In 2012, the City of Bradenton, Braden River Utilities, LLC (BRU), which services the planned community of Lakewood Ranch, and the Southwest Florida Management District (SWFWMD) identified an opportunity to ensure all the City’s excess reclaim water effluent could be beneficially reused by BRU. With construction of a pump station and pipeline to connect the City’s RCW storage tank to BRU’s irrigation system, ground water demand would be reduced and effluent discharge to the Manatee River effectively eliminated. A multi-jurisdictional, private-public partnership was created with the pump station/pipeline construction partially funded by a SWFWMD grant.

Based on extensive experience with alternate water supply projects, Jones Edmunds (JE) was retained to manage the permitting, design, and construction of the RCW transmission system. Peter Stasis, JE Project Manager, said: “Numerous route options were evaluated and hydraulic models performed in developing the final pipeline design. As the majority of the 10.5 mile alignment was along busy county and state roads with tight ROW limits, the need for trenchless pipe installation, especially horizontal directional drilling (HDD), was significant. PVC was chosen as the pipe material as it offered the best combination of long term performance and life cycle cost. Nearly five miles were installed by HDD using 20-inch DR18 Fusible PVC® pipe, with the remainder predominately open cut installation using 20-inch B&S PVC pipe. Previous Fusible PVC® pipe use on City projects, cost benefits of minimizing drill pipe size, and simplifying reconnections by maintaining the same pipe material/size across the entire transmission line were all factors that influenced use of Fusible PVC® pipe for the nearly four dozen HDD sections. Ultimately, that choice proved to be well founded as the project was successfully completed on time and within budget.”

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Bradenton to BRU RCW Interconnect
Length/Pipe Size: 25,775 LF 20” DR18; 2,134 LF 16” DR18; 560 LF 12” DR18 FPVC® Purple
Installation: HDD, 45 bores from ~200 LF to 2,200 LF (I-75 Crossing)
Owners: City of Bradenton, Braden River Utilities, LLC
Engineers: Jones Edmunds, Stantec Inc.
Contractors/Drillers: Phase II: Woodruff & Sons, Inc. / Allstate Directional Drilling.
Contractors/Drillers: Phase III: Wright Construction Group / Accurate Drilling Systems, Inc.
Contractors/Drillers: Phases IV & V: E.T. Mackenzie of Florida, Inc./Gator Boring & Trenching, Inc., Accurate Drilling Systems, Inc. & Bore Hawg, Inc.

Stantec Inc. teamed with Jones Edmunds on the pipeline design and construction oversight. Robert Halbach, Stantec Senior Project Manager, explained: “To best leverage local pipeline contractor capabilities and complete construction on an aggressive schedule, the total project was broken into five phases. Phase I was primarily the pump station. Phases II-IV split the 20-inch transmission main alignment from Bradenton to Lakewood Ranch into three projects. Phase V was a distribution pipeline in Lakewood Ranch. Each phase bid independently over a two month period, and construction commenced on all phases over a similar time period. Tight conditions along much of the route limited the areas for pipe fusion activity. Underground Solutions, Inc. did a great job of coordinating fusion services with multiple general contractors and providing field support to their various drillers for the dozens of bores across all the phases.”

ADS HDD Rig for 2,200LF I-75 Bore

Intermediate Fusion by UGSI

20” FPVC® Pipe Entry for I-75 Bore

PH II: Fusion Activity Along 45th Ave

PH III: Fusion Setup Along SR 70

PH IV: 1,700 LF String Ready for Pull In

PH II: HDD Equipment Setup Along 45th Ave

20” FPVC® Pipe Install Activity

PH IV: HDD Equipment for 1,700 LF Pull