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City of Bixby, OK Utilizes 24" Fusible-905® Pipe for 2,800 LF Potable Water HDD Crossing under Arkansas River

The City of Bixby, located on the southeast side of Tulsa, is the fastest growing community in Oklahoma. Residential and new business growth has placed increasing demands on the area's water infrastructure. The City and its engineer, Holloway, Updike & Bellen, Inc., have proactively worked to address these needs by implementing a plan to upgrade and expand Bixby's water utility system which currently encompasses over 94 miles of transmission and distribution piping. Included in this plan is the Mingo Road Water Transmission Line project, which provides additional capacity to meet current and future potable water demand.

The alignment for the new 24" water transmission line included a 2,800 LF crossing under the Arkansas River. McGuire Brothers Construction, Inc. of Tulsa, OK selected Fusible C-905® pipe for the HDD bore under the river and subcontracted with King Contracting, Inc. of Lincoln, NE to perform the directional drill. The project utilized 24" bell-and-spigot PVC in the open cut sections of the project.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
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  • Mingo Road Water Transmission Line
  • City of Bixby, OK
  • Holloway, Updike & Bellen, Muskogee, OK
  • McGuire Brothers Construction, Inc., Tulsa, OK
  • King Contracting, Inc., Lincoln, NE
  • Potable Water
  • 2,840 LF 24" DR21 Fusible C-905® PVC
  • HDD
  • 150 psi for 2 hours
  • David Reuter (816)518-5162 dreuter@undergroundsolutions.com

Fusible C-905® pipe allowed the City to maintain material consistency with other PVC pipe throughout the water main. It also provided superior tensile strength, a smaller outside diameter, and 28% more hydraulic capacity versus the alternative pipe option on the project. Fusible C-905® PVC pipe allowed McGuire to use standard ductile iron fittings to re-connect the line on both sides of the river. Pipe pull-in was completed on May 12, 2010, in approximately eight hours.

Fusible PVC® pipe conveys a variety of benefits in trenchless applications - particularly in HDD installations such as the Arkansas River crossing - due to its material strength, OD/ID advantage, and ability to utilize standard ductile iron waterworks fittings. Fusible PVC® pipe has been used in hundreds of HDD water crossings around the country ranging from several hundred feet to over 6,000 LF.

Photos of 24" Fusible C-905® pipe during Mingo Road project installation