Billtown Road Force Main Realignment, Louisville, KY

The Metropolitan Sewer District of Louisville, KY (MSD) has attacked an issue that continues to plague many communities: aging sewer systems lacking the capacity to handle current sewage and storm water volume during wet weather. In creating its ambitious Project WIN (Waterway Improvements Now), the MSD laid out a 19-year framework to rehabilitate its entire 3,200 mile sewer system; mitigating sewer overflows to comply with the Clean Water Act and putting an end to the pollution of local rivers and streams, most notably the Ohio River. Since the project began in 2005, the Louisville metro area has enjoyed increased property values, as well as an increase in commercial and residential development-not to mention the added benefits to the environment.

In continuation of Project WIN, the Billtown Road Force Main Realignment Project sought to install a 627-foot sewer section on a very challenging 40 degree hillside via open-cut. MSD hired engineering firm Land Design and Development (LDD) to provide the plans and specifications. Consequently, James Gonda of LDD chose Fusible PVC® pipe in lieu of restrained bell-and-spigot PVC. Gonda explained: "Fusible PVC® pipe gave us the integral restrained joint needed for the steep slope without any gaskets or bell restraints, and it matched up perfectly with the bell-and-spigot PVC."

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Billtown Road Force Main Realignment
Location: Louisville, KY
Length: 627 feet
Pipe Size: 30" DR21
Pressure Test: 200 psi
Installation: Open-cut of 40 degree hillside
Owner: Louisville MSD
Engineer: Land Design and Development
Contractor: Cleary Construction, Inc
UGSI Contact: Chris Smith (317) 313-9116

Cleary Construction won the bid and was pleased with the performance of the Fusible PVC® pipe. Darren Cleary commented: "We had never used Fusible PVC® pipe and were a bit apprehensive. We ended up really liking it. It was the right choice in the hill section, which had rough terrain and a very steep slope. We especially liked how easy it was to reconnect to the bell-and-spigot with the use of standard fittings." Clay Bostic, Project Engineer for Louisville MSD, agreed: "It was the right pipe for this project, and we plan to use it more."

Pipe Layout on a Slope

40 Degrees Install Slope

Reconnection with DI Fittings