Beaufort Jasper Water & Sewer Authority Continues to Break New Ground with Fusible PVC® Pipe

When Beaufort Jasper Water and Sewer Authority (BJWSA) in South Carolina had to cross the New River to complete a 36-inch potable water main, BJWSA once again turned to Underground Solutions and Fusible PVC® pipe. This time the challenge was not the length of the horizontal directional drill (HDD), as was the case for previous 5,100-foot and 6,400-foot HDD pull-ins, but rather the diameter of the water main. Large diameter pipes, whether for waterworks or oil and gas transmission, create a unique set of construction issues including layout, staging, material handling and, finally, the actual HDD process.

The project, designed by Brown and Caldwell, consists of over 75,000 feet of 36-inch pipe to bring water from the Purrysburg Water Treatment Plant to the Bluffton area and southern Beaufort County. Once in service, the new water supply will eliminate a withdrawal from the Floridan Aquifer that serves the Town of Levy and will provide water for the large Riverport Development project. In addition, the main will provide water from the plant to the southern portion of the Authority's service area.

Says Jay Mazei, project manager for Brown and Caldwell: "This project was one of the largest pipeline projects undertaken by the Authority, with a total cost of nearly $14 million. An essential element of the construction was the crossing of the New River. The owner asked us to look primarily at Fusible PVC® pipe, along with other materials also reviewed. Based on technical and cost considerations, we recommended and designed around 36-inch Fusible PVC® pipe." Charles Sexton of BJWSA concurs: "Our experience with, and confidence in, Underground Solutions' products made this decision pretty straightforward for us. Between UGSI, R.H. Moore and USA, we chose a solid team and the finished product supports our choices."

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Purrysburg Road Water Line
Location: Beaufort County, SC
Length: 1,280 LF
Pipe Size: 36" DR21
Pull Length: 175 psi for 2 hours
Installation: HDD
Owner: Beaufort Water and Sewer Authority
Engineer: Brown and Caldwell
General & HDD Contractors: R.H. Moore/Utility Services Authority

Entry pit at beginning of pullback reveals scale of pipe

Intermediate fusion during pullback joins 400-foot section to pipe in borehole

Almost complete, eight hours after initiating pull-in