Fusible C-905® Pipe Used to Rehabilitate Three-Mile 30" PCCP Raw Water Supply Line in Bakersfield, CA

In February 2009, Fusible C-905® pipe was selected by a major California oil producer to slipline a failing 30" PCCP raw water supply line at its production facility in the Bakersfield, CA area. KS Industries LP (KSI), of Bakersfield, CA, was the general contractor responsible for the overall pipeline rehabilitation project. Pipe installation was subcontracted to Advanced Boring Specialists, Inc. of Vancouver, WA, who used an HDD rig for pull-in of the new 24" slipline pipe.

The project was fast-tracked, commencing the third week of February with a six week project schedule for completion, including pressure testing, reconnection, and return to full operation. UGSI fused 16,000 LF of 24" DR25 pipe in less than three weeks, which included periods of inclement weather. The three-mile PCCP pipeline was sliplined in 14 pull-ins with continuous segments of up to 1,760 LF. In order to minimize excavation in the surrounding almond orchards, pits were located to achieve dual use (entrance and pullback) where possible. Other pit locations were dictated by valve locations and canal crossings. Final pressure testing and owner acceptance were completed the last week of March 2009. A single pressure test was conducted for the entire three-mile length of the line.

Fusible C-905® pipe was selected over HDPE pipe following a thorough analysis of hydraulic capacity, construction cost, and long term operating costs. Fusible C-905® pipe provided the greatest ID and flow capacity of any of the pipe options under consideration, reducing the amount of head loss and lowering annual pumping costs at the required operating pressures.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Lost Raw Water Supply Rehabilitation Project
Length: ~16,000 LF
Pipe Size: 24" DR25 Fusible C-905®
Host Pipe: 30" PCCP
UGSI Contact: Rob Craw: (925) 577-7566 (rcraw@undergroundsolutions.com)

Jimmy Downing, Project Manager with Advanced Boring Specialists, commented: "This was one heck of a project. UGSI delivered as promised on a very demanding project with a very difficult installation schedule. Their fusion technicians and on-site construction support were excellent. We're also working on several other projects with Fusible PVC® pipe."