Atlantic Boring Company Installs 1,000 LF of Underground Solutions® FPVC™ via Pipe Bursting

In August 2007, Underground Solutions (UGSI) contracted with Atlantic Boring to provide UGSI's FPVC™ pipe and fusion services for a pipe bursting project in Augusta County, VA for the Buffalo Gap High School.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
  • Project:
  • Location:
  • Length:
  • Pipe size:
  • Connections:
  • Installation:
  • UGSI Contact:
  • Buffalo Gap High School Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
  • Augusta County, VA
  • 1,000 LF
  • 8" DR18 FPVC™
  • Four manholes using grout and Fernco Couplings
  • Pipe Bursting with Ditch Witch DR 75 Static Machine
  • Gary Shepherd (804) 677-8950

The School District's consultant, Berkley & Howell, had determined that the terra cotta gravity sewer line serving the high school had failed in several locations. Open cut replacement was not feasible due to existing structures over portions of the line and deep covers elsewhere. The project commenced in September and had to be scheduled over several weeks around football games and track meets. Wesley Dunks of Atlantic Boring commented: "We had many challenges to overcome, including a large mass of concrete at two manhole connections which had to be removed by hand. Once the pipe bursting started, the equipment worked as expected and the FPVC™ pipe pulled very easily into place."

Pipe Burst Head

Bursting Head

Fused Pipe

Pipe String

Manhole Connection

Manhole Connection