Fusible PVC® Pipe Replaces Existing 24-inch Ductile Iron Force Main

Naturally formed from glaciers and located in the northwest region along the Minnesota border, the Iowa Great Lakes are Iowa's most popular vacation destination. These elegant lake clusters are the largest natural lakes in the state, attracting thousands of outdoorsmen and tourists each year. Responsible for the region's wastewater, the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District (IGLSD) operates 125 miles of gravity sewer and sewer force mains and a wastewater treatment plant that treats 3.7 million gallons of wastewater per day. Accordingly, the IGLSD took immediate action when a 24-inch ductile iron force main recently failed in the City of Arnolds Park due to interior corrosion.

The IGLSD hired engineering firm HR Green, Inc. to evaluate the options for repairing the existing force main. Ultimately, HR Green determined that sliplining 20-inch Fusible PVC® pipe into the 24-inch ductile iron pipe would be the most cost effective rehabilitation method. The Fusible PVC® material also provided the greatest amount of cross-sectional flow area within the existing pipeline and enabled the use of standard ductile iron fittings to connect back to the existing main.

The existing 24-inch force main was a vital component in the IGLSD system, so the District did not want construction repairs to shut down the line for an extended period. As a result, IGLSD required the contractor to finish all repairs within a 14-day period. The general contractor, Valley Contracting, Inc., subcontracted Ellingson Companies to perform the sliplining work. Working very efficiently with the Fusible PVC® pipe, Valley and Ellingson installed the new force main in only eight days; six days ahead of schedule.

Michael Roth of HR Green, Inc. said, "We evaluated different material options for this project, and Fusible PVC® pipe ended up with the highest rating. We would definitely consider using Fusible PVC® pipe again for a similar application."

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District LS 1-26 Force Main Repairs
Location: City of Arnolds Park, IA
Length: 880 LF
Pipe Size: 20" DR18 Fusible PVC® White
Pressure Test: 150 PSI for 2 Hours
Installation: Sliplining
Owner: Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District
Engineer: HR Green, Inc.
Contactor: Valley Contracting, Inc. - General Ellingson Companies - Trenchless
UGSI Contact: Dan Christensen (715) 206-0518 dchristensen@undergroundsolutions.com

Site Layout

Pull Head Swivel Connection

Fusible PVC® Pipe Insertion Into Host

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