® Pipe Directionally Drilled in Sussex County, Delaware" />

3,900 LF of 20" DR18 Fusible PVC® Pipe Directionally Drilled in Sussex County, Delaware

In order to provide a centralized sanitary sewer district to the Angola Neck area of Sussex County, Delaware, the Sussex County Council contracted with Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP (WR&A) to design a 24,650 LF 20" force main. The force main design was led by Brad Hawkes, Director of Utility Engineering for Sussex County, and Will Hinz, Associate at WR&A. To eliminate difficult and costly crossings of local highways, bodies of water, and residential properties, the project design called for 3,900 LF to be installed using horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

Underground Solutions, Inc. (UGSI) contracted with Spring & Associates, Inc. to provide 3,900 LF of 20" DR 18 (235 psi) Fusible PVC® pipe and fusion services for the HDD sections of the project. The Fusible PVC® pipe was installed in six separate drill shots of varying lengths, the longest of which was 820 LF.

Fusible PVC® pipe's Hydrostatic Design Basis (4,000 psi) and standard AWWA C905 dimensions allowed the same 20" nominal pipe size to be installed for both the HDD and open-cut sections of the project. Alternatively, a larger 24" HDPE pipe material would have been required to match the internal diameter (ID) and pressure rating of the bell-and-spigot PVC installed via open-cut. By using the 20" Fusible PVC® pipe, Spring & Associates, Inc. was able to eliminate an entire reaming pass for each drill shot.

Brad Hawkes noted, "One of the benefits of using Fusible PVC® pipe for HDD applications is that it's a product that matches other pipe materials in our system." Fusible PVC® pipe also provided overall project cost savings by utilizing standard PVC/Ductile Iron fittings for reconnection to the open-cut bell-and-spigot PVC.

The soil conditions and tight layout areas were especially difficult for all of the HDD sections of the Angola Neck Project. Rodney Spring, President of Spring & Associates, commented, "All six drill shots with the Fusible PVC® pipe pulled surprisingly easily given the difficult sand and gravel conditions. Only once did we have to take our 90,000 lb. drill rig out of "High Range" during the six drill shots."

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Angola Neck Force Main
Owner: Sussex County, DE
Engineer: Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP
Contractor: Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP
Pipe: 3,900 LF 20" DR18 FPVC®
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill
UGSI Contact: Matt Boeh (412) 418-3201 mboeh@undergroundsolutions.com

Pipe Insertion in Tight Quarters

Cold Weather Fusion

Pipe Exiting Bore Hole