< Andrews Air Force Base, Home of Air Force One, Installs Three Sections of Fusible C-900<sup>®</sup> Pipe

Andrews Air Force Base, Home of Air Force One, Installs Three Sections of Fusible C-900® Pipe

Since its construction in the early 1940’s, Andrews Air Force Base has been one of the United States’ most important military air fields serving as the home base for Air Force One. When Terrapin Utility Services, Inc., the base’s utility contractor, was faced with the task of replacing three potable water lines in close proximity to the base’s air field, the project required proven installation products and trenchless techniques.

It was determined that installing the new lines by way of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) would cause the least amount of disturbance to the base’s vital air operations. HDD operations typically utilize monolithic pipe materials that are well-suited to manage the pull-forces and bending required during drilling and pull-in operations. Since the waterlines at Andrews AFB were to be installed in close proximity to the runways, there was the potential for unspent jet fuel to be present in the surrounding envelope. Fusible PVC® pipe was selected for it superior resistance to hydrocarbons versus other competitive monolithic thermoplastic pipe systems, such as HDPE.

Underground Solutions, Inc. (UGSI) contracted with Sproston Enterprises, LLC to provide 1,520 LF of 12” DR18 (235 psi), and 440 LF of 8” DR18 Fusible C-900 ® pipe and fusion services for the HDD and open-cut sections of the project. The Fusible PVC ® pipe was installed in two drill shots by Atlantic Underground and via open-cut by Sproston Enterprises.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Owner: Terrapin Utility Services, Inc.
Location: Andrews AFB, Maryland
General Contractor: Sproston Enterprises, LLC
HDD Contractor: Atlantic Underground
Pipe: Drill 1: 440 LF of 8” DR18 Drill 2: 1240 LF of 12” DR18 Open Cut: 280 LF of 12” DR18
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill & Open-Cut
UGSI Contact: Matt Boeh (412) 418-3201 mboeh@undergroundsolutions.com