City of Alliance, NE selects Fusible C-900® Pipe for Water Main Pipe Burst Project

The City of Alliance, NE was faced with the challenge of replacing and upsizing a total of 4,400 LF of failing 4" water main while at the same time limiting interruption to over 45 homeowners who would be affected by the construction. Pipe bursting was utilized in order to provide a "low-dig" trenchless solution that enabled the existing main to be upsized to a 6" pipe size.

Fusible C-900® pipe was selected by the City to facilitate the pipe bursting and to provide material continuity with existing PVC pipe material in its system. Underground Solutions, Inc. (UGSI) provided pipe and fusion services for three separate runs of 6" Fusible PVC® pipe. Reconnections were made easily and quickly using standard PVC tapping equipment, minimizing out-of-service time for residents.

Pipe bursting was performed by Paul Reed Construction using HammerHead Trenchless Equipment® supplied by Earth Tool Company. Nate Hrabosky of HammerHead commented: "Fusible PVC® pipe allows us to pull in long lengths and not worry about gouging as much as other plastic pipe." Project work was completed in August 2008.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
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  • Belmont Avenue Water Main Replacement
  • Alliance, NE
  • 4,400 LF
  • 6" DR18 Fusible C-900®
  • 45 household water service hot taps
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Steve Austin